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Stalin vs. Martians 4
Windows PCSwitch
Stalin vs. Martians 4 is a rather unexpected sequel to 2009’s infamous real-time strategy game.

SvM4 is built around the core gameplay of an isometric shooter, but it is conceived as a pythonesque over-the-top project, that puts a very unlikely protagonist against a very unlikely backdrop. All the time, mission after mission. It’s a sketch comedy about an evil idiotic buffoon. You have Stalin in Candyland, then he emerges in the Lovecraftian setting and fights Cthulhu, then he goes to Mars, then he travels to Ancient Greece, etc.

Occasionally the game spoofs other games and introduces absurd mini-games. Sometimes it changes the genre, but within reason. And then you have crazy video intermissions (think of Red Alert or, you know, the original Stalin vs. Martians).


• A follow-up to one of the craziest games in history

• Campy humor, insane concept and ridiculous storyline

• A “sketch comedy” approach with a variety of settings and mini-games

• Fast-paced isometric combat

• Physics-based destruction system (“Katamari Damacy in reverse”)

• At least 12 levels, separated by absolutely insane video intermissions

• Narrative-based missions (“Firewatch on drugs”)

• Some of the levels include mini-games, some are just switching

the genre, because why not?

• Character upgrades, crazy weapons and special abilities

• Ranks system which defines the progress through the game

• Survival mode

• The bestest soundtrack ever

• Actual gameplay

Download our pitch document for more information: http://stalinvsmartians.com/files/SvM4_pitch_2020_EN.pdf