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Behold the Man
Windows PCPlayStation 4Xbox One
Behold the Man is an action/adventure game with significant survival elements. Set in the prehistoric times, the game features an open world environment, where the player must survive and help his/her tribe to complete the story objectives. The game is quite brutal and with a high degree of (pre)historical accuracy.

The characters get tired and need to sleep, may receive permanent traumas, and get reborn into a different member of a tribe after death. What sets the game apart from the bulk of survival games is the emphasis on action, opposed to a “walking simulator” approach.

Behold the Man is set in a realistic prehistoric setting. We try not to contradict the data received from the fossils, but at the same time we construct our own world within certain boundaries. All of the setting-building work was preceded by an extensive collaboration with the consultant.

Timeframe: around 12,000 years ago. Out of Africa migration is a success, pale-skin homo sapiens emerges and, what is most important, it is the time of transfer from nomadic forager bands to permanent settlements, agriculture and domestication of the elements. It is one of the most important periods in the history of mankind.


• Realistic prehistoric setting

• Settlement/tribe management

• System of the player’s rebirths/transmigration

• NPC interactions and social structure

• Survival elements

• Melee and ranged combat system

• Open world

• Stealth system

• Possible cooperative multiplayer