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Cost of freedom
Windows PC
Cost of Freedom is a first and third-person multiplayer stealth-action game, set inside a Soviet forced-labor camps, more known as a GULAG. Cost Of Freedom immerses you in the gloomy, most authentic, historical atmosphere of Soviet, northern labor camps. The game world is being created with maximum attention to details and is based on real photographs and historical references.

The gameplay mechanics revolve around the confrontation between the two teams - the prisoners, and the NKVD officers (aka guards). The prisoners must survive and organize an escape plan, saving as much as possible fellow NPC prisoners by any means. The second team, the guards, must interrupt and prevent any escape attempts, ensuring no prisoner escapes.

As a player, you will encounter the daily difficulties of a labour camp regime: face cruel guard orders, learn to negotiate with other prisoners and guards to achieve your goals, put suspects in the punishment cells and execute traitors, use the dynamic weather and time of day cycle for covert movement through, track down enemy players in the snow, and much more!

We have a lot of game mechanics, new maps, and other goodies in our plans. Tell your friends about the game, invite them to our social media - that way you support the game project!