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VR Arena Championship
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High-quality, fast and interesting content based on UE4 for VR players, with the possibility of local and distance international championships, we are ready to offer a completely new IK kinematic VR system.


Our system is built according to a client-server model, based on an authoritarian server and a native client with elements of predicting client-side.

A local server allowed to unload VR helmets and increase the number of connected players. In the future, it's planned to divide the server into a “Dedicated server” and the server client to increase the speed of interaction.

Benefits and Capabilities

Compared the peer-to-peer model and similar systems, new model allows us not to load clients with additional network logic, to correctly synchronize the location of players in the virtual world with the real one, and binding to the local network can minimize delays, all clients are always up to date and identical information about the state of the game session and the world.

World Positioning

Using the native helmets API and the developed special system of algorithms and synchronizing the position in space using 6dof tracking, allows you to determine the position of players as accurately as possible and thus synchronize them with the virtual world by setting offsets relative to the initial initialization of the spatial grid of each VR devices.