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41 Hours is a first-person shooter dramatic game that follows the narrative of Ethan, a workaholic scientist in search of his long-lost wife. The story is intriguing and it takes several surprising turns as it develops over 11 Chapters and 20 hours of gameplay.

You get to master devices which enhance you with super-human abilities:

• Telekinesis (mind manipulation of objects at distance)

• Time manipulation (fast reaction over slow motion)

• Cloaking (invisibility)

In his journey, you get to:

• Use portals for teleportation through the space-time continuum

• Experience extraterrestrial environments

• Fight overwhelming waves of robots and alien-manipulated zombies

• Solve mind-challenging puzzles

While we strived to let our imagination free, we kept a good sense of realism and over countless hours of work, we tried to replicate bullet dynamics, sounds and physics of the 6 real weapons that you can use throughout the game (damage, weapon attachments: scope, lasertag, suppressor, aim down sight).
10.08, Обновление 2
Hotfixes: August 10, 2020
Here you'll find a list of hotfixes and changes that address various issues to 41 Hours.

All of this will be available with the next build.

Stay with us=)

1. NEW Ability - sliding for FPC - w,s,a,d + shift + ctrl

2. We've  introduced Stamina for running. Running does not consume energy anymore

3. In timemode the time passes normal for the player (1) but for the rest of the world the time passes much slower (about 0.4 )

4. We tweaked with the parrameters which determines how much energy is consumed for timemode and invisibility

5. Everytime an enemy dies, the player is charged with energy (different amount depending on the enemy type)

6. Lea can now open wormholes (q + Right Mouse) (q + Left mouse still sends Lea to explode)

7. All the pickable objects can be thrown by the player (right mouse while holding the object)

8. explodable pickable objects  will explode on first impact when thrown

9. We've made modifications to all weapons so now, the closer from the target you shoot the bigger the damage

10. Many other small changes and bug fixes.




30.07, Обновление 1
About Player abilities
Player abilities:

•    Telekinesis (mind manipulation of objects at distance)  - activate with middle mouse button – this ability can be used only for outlined objects

•    Time manipulation (fast reaction over slow motion – time passes only when the player moves) – Keyboard key – T. While in time manipulation mode, a powerful shield is automatically activated

•    Cloaking (invisibility) – Keyboard key – F

•    Sliding – (W,A,S,D) + SHIFT + CTRL  - very short but powerful speed boost usually used for avoiding enemy bullets. (not fully implemented and will be available starting with the next build)

The abilities 2 and 3 consumes player energy and can also be used at the same time in which case the energy consumption is huge.

There are only 2 levels at the new build. The change with the time manipulation ability forced us to make major changes to all levels.

We'll tell you about all changes at the next article.

See you soon!