Backbone — это нуарный детектив с элементами стелса. Побывайте в шкуре антропоморфного енота и частного детектива Говарда Лотора. Крадитесь по дождливым улицам, вынюхивайте улики, допрашивайте свидетелей и раскройте тайны антиутопичного Ванкувера.

Енот Говард Лотор — опытный и самоуверенный частный детектив-одиночка. Застряв в рутине однотипных расследований, он остаётся безразличен к авторитарному режиму, жёстко контролирующему жизнь жителей города. Но череда таинственных происшествий проверит на прочность его мировоззрение.

Геймплей Backbone — это свежий взгляд на point-and-click adventure, сочетающий в себе элементы стелса и ветвящиеся диалоги, вдохновленные классическими CRPG. Вам предстоит исследовать закоулки обнесенного стеной Ванкувера, вынюхивать улики, решать головоломки, допрашивать свидетелей и выбирать, по какому следу пойти.

Визуально, Backbone — это уникальное сочетание пиксельной графики и современных эффектов в UE4, таких как динамическое освещение, проливной дождь, объемный туман и неоновые огни. Вдохновлённая любовью к классике кинематографа, Backbone погрузит вас в мрачную атмосферу антиутопии, наполненную тягучими мелодиями оригинального саундтрека в стиле doom jazz.

12.11, Обновление 2
Саундтрек к Backbone: Prologue

Backbone: Prologue OST стал доступен на всех стриминговых платформах!

08.09, Обновление 1
The conception of Detective Raccoon

Some ideas are born out of a profound realization, a marketing plan, or a personal experience. Our story is just plain silly. So here it is, retold by Backbone's co-founder, developer and composer Nikita Danshin:

"Back in 2017 we were developing a completely different stealth game, set in sci-fi universe.

Our small team of 3 at the time was sitting on a group call, chatting about the story and lore of the world. I used to live on the first floor of apartment building, so I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was something happening with my compost bin. There were my neighbors: the family of raccoons, about 5-6 trash pandas. There was a moment of hesitation about what to do with the unwanted guests. A friend of mine left a trumpet in our house as I wanted to learn the instrument, so after a quick word with the team we decided to toot them away.

I quickly opened the door and started making all sorts of weird sounds, which made them skedaddle pretty fast, climbing a tree and watching me with their neon headlight eyes.

I came back to the team and they suggested that making a game about raccoons fighting for control over the city trash would be a fun idea. After a long brainstorming session, we turned them from animalistic to anthropomorphic, expanded their society to more creatures, and decided to only have a raccoon as a main character. We made that all for laughs, gave him a detective look, and suddenly it all came together. This became our medium for telling a profound personal story, so we gave it a more serious and dark feel, slowly opening our minds and putting in ideas and experiences from the real world.

The whole family never came back, but the most brave of them were still visiting us from time to time. Since then, the trumpet is both my solution to unwanted guests, and the leading instrument in Backbone's soundtrack."

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